How to Change a Parking Light on a Mini Cooper

Parking or standing lights located on the front of your Mini Cooper are the primary lights indicting your presence on the road when the headlights are not on. The Mini uses a 2825 push-in style bulb in the marker light, making it easy to change and readily available from auto parts stores as wells as the dealer. The parking light is integrated into the front turn signal housing and is accessed from behind the housing, working from under the hood of the car.

Open the hood of your Mini and locate the opening at the top of the radiator support above the turn signal housing. There are two bulb sockets on the back of the turn signal housing. You are looking for the smaller of the two.

Grasp the socket with your hand and rotate it counterclockwise, releasing it from the housing. Pull the socket and bulb straight out of the housing and pull the old 2825 bulb from the socket. Discard the old bulb.

Install a new 2825 bulb into the socket, pushing it in until it fully seats in the socket. A small amount of dielectric grease on the contacts of the bulb and socket is a good idea here. It will help protect the contacts from corrosion.

Insert the bulb and socket into the housing then turn it clockwise to lock it in place. Repeat the process to change the bulb on the opposite side of the car if it is burnt out as well. Turn on the lights and verify that the parking lights are now illuminated.

Things You'll Need

  • Dielectric grease
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