How to Reprogram Sony Remote Controls

Updated February 21, 2017

A new Sony television will come with a remote for that particular TV set. If you have not used the remote in a very long time or the Sony remote no longer works for the device that it came with, you may need to reprogram that Sony remote. Reprogramming a Song remote control is no different than programming the same remote for the first time. As with other remotes, a Sony remote can be programmed by entering a code or by searching for the right code using the Sony remote.

Turn on the device you plan to use with the Sony remote control.

Hold down the "S" button on the Sony remote for about five seconds.

Press the "Power" button while holding the "S" button. You may then release both of the buttons.

Press the button for the device that was turned on in the first step.

Type in the appropriate code for the device. This code can be located in the Sony remote manual, the manual for the device or online.

Press "ENT" on the Sony remote to save that code.

Test the Sony remote by pressing "Power" and other buttons. If the remote does not work, repeat the process with a different code.

Repeat steps 1-4 listed in section 1.

Point the Sony remote at the device.

Press "CH+" on the Sony remote.

Press "Power" on the remote

Repeat steps 3 and 4 in section 2 until the device responds to the Sony remote. It may take several hundred attempts until the device responds to the Sony remote due to the fact that there are hundreds of available codes. When the device does turn off, press "ENT" to save the code.

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