How to Restore Compaq Computer Software to Factory Settings

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are having problems with your Compaq computer, you can restore it to factory settings in less than an hour. Perform this function before you sell your computer or give it away to someone to protect your privacy. Restoring a computer to its factory settings also eliminates many software or registry errors that cause frequent crashes. The downside to a factory restore is that you lose all the software and data you have downloaded since you bought the computer. You also cannot "undo" a factory reset, so all of your data is permanently lost.

Go through your files on your computer. Back up anything you want to save to a USB drive, disk or external hard drive.

Unplug all of the peripheral connections to your computer, leaving only the mouse and keyboard.

Go to "Start," then "Restart Computer."

Tap the "F1" key as the computer is rebooting to put it into the BIOS mode.

Use the right arrow key to choose "Boot" when the screen asks you which mode you want to start.

Select "Boot Device Priority" and hit "Enter."

Select "CD-ROM" from the list and hit the "+" key to move it up the list.

Pop open the CD drive and place your system recovery disk inside.

Choose "Save Changes and Exit." Press "F10" to leave the BIOS screen.

Hit the "R" key to start the system recovery CD. Choose "Full System Recovery" to do a full factory restore. It may take up to an hour.

Reboot your computer when prompted.

Reconnect the peripherals to your computer and reload any data you saved.


Only do a factory reset as a last resort if you are doing this because your computer is working improperly.

Things You'll Need

  • Compaq System Recovery CDs
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