Ideas for Drawing on Converse

Updated April 17, 2017

Converse produces a classic American sneaker. The brand's signature rubber soles and canvas shoe was an original when it was first introduced and the brand continues to inspire originality. The Converse stores in New York and Boston have an in-store customisation service that allows you to choose a design to print on your sneakers. If you do not have access to the stores, you can customise your Converse the old-fashioned way -- by drawing on them.


Nothing shows your originality more than the words you choose. You can write a poem, quote or song lyrics that you admire or live by on your Converse. The text can be an original poem or a quote from a historic figure or even a line from your favourite movie. You can begin with pencil and then trace it with marker to make it as legible as possible. Permanent pen markers work best or you can also use any fabric marker.


If you are proud of your city or enamoured with a different city, drawing the skyline is a fun way to show it. The skyline profile fits perfectly on the canvas side of Converse shoes. Always choose the most recognisable features of the skyline of your chosen city. Start from the toe and draw the skyline rising up from the rubber sole. You can even do different cities on each side of the shoe.


Your favourite cartoon character or superhero can be a fun way to liven up your Converse. If you are not an artist you can easily find a picture and trace it onto transfer paper. Press the transfer paper against the side of the shoe to transfer the outline. You can then trace the outline with marker and fill it in with colour. You can also add a phrase or the signature saying of the character.


Adding your favourite graphic design like stripes, checkerboard, hearts, stars or spirals can add personality to your Converse. All kinds of doodles and doodle combinations can be added anywhere on the shoe, including the rubber sole. You can find graphic designs in books or make a mock design first with a computer program. Even computer programs such as Word have shapes and designs that you can use as a guide. More detailed tattoo-style graphics or intricate doodles can be traced first and then transferred to the canvas.


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