How to Patch Holes in the Crotch of Jeans

Updated April 17, 2017

Jeans are a major part of modern Western attire. They come in a multitude of colours and designs to suit the various personalities of their wearers. No matter the style of jeans or how much they cost, one thing is certain--jeans are prone to rips. One of the most embarrassing locations for tear in jeans is at the crotch. Rather than having to replace your favourite pair should they rip, learn to patch the hole yourself.

Visit your local fabric store or the sewing section of your local grocery store. Select an iron-on jean patch that best matches the colour of the torn jeans.

Open the ironing board and stand it at waist level for easy ironing. Plug in the iron and turn it to the cotton temperature setting. Place it on the ironing board until the indicator light turns off.

Turn the jeans inside out and lay them so that the tear is flat on the ironing board. Place the iron on the tear and the surrounding area for 8 seconds. This is to warm up the jeans to encourage the patch adhesive to stick.

Remove the patch from its packaging and lay it flat on the tear with the adhesive side facing down. Place the iron on the patch for 10 seconds to thoroughly melt the adhesive.

Let the jeans cool before wearing them. Unplug the iron and set it aside to cool. Fold up the ironing board and put it away.


Cut the patch to a smaller size if its original size will fit awkwardly inside your jeans.

Things You'll Need

  • Clothes iron
  • Ironing board
  • Iron-on jean patch
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