How to Install Seat Covers

Updated February 21, 2017

Seat covers in cars keep the upholstery on the car seat clean and untouched. Seat covers are sold as “one size fits all” and are available in bucket seat covers and back seat covers. When installing them in your car, you need to tighten the covers so they fit snugly on your car's seats.

Remove the headrest from the seat. To do this, pull the small lever on the side of the headrest while pulling the headrest up off the seat.

Slide the seat cover over the top of the seat. Pull the cover down so it covers the entire seat.

Find the rectangular tab on the seat cover. This is usually located in the middle of the cover. Pull the tab until it rests in the middle of the back of the seat.

Tuck the seat cover’s sides into the butt of the seat.

Find the elastic bands on the left and right sides of the seat. These will have eye hooks attached to them. Hook these to the rectangular tab.

Find the elastic bands on the bottom of the seat cover. These will also have eye hooks. Pull the tabs together and hook them underneath the seat.

Things You'll Need

  • Seat covers
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