How to Transfer Photos Off Your iPod Onto the Computer

Written by kefa olang | 13/05/2017

Many of the iPod models--including the Nano or iPod Touch--enable you to upload photos to your device quickly and easily. You can also transfer photos back to your computer if you want to share them through e-mail or social sharing websites. With some simple steps, transfer your entire iPod photo library or selected pictures back to your computer.

Download a free iPod photo transfer program such as "iPod to PC Transfer" (see Resources).

Connect your iPod to the computer using the USB cable that comes with it and launch the iPod to PC Transfer application. The program automatically recognises your device and displays the photos on your device.

Click "Select All" if you want upload your entire photo library to the computer. If you want to download press and hold "CTRL," and click each photo you want to transfer to your computer. Click "Export" to transfer the photos to your computer.

Connect your iPod to the computer using the USB cable that comes with it and launch iTunes. iTunes displays your iPod on the left panel under "Devices."

Click your iPod on the left panel under "Devices" and click the "Summary" tab. Click the "Enable disk use" option and click "Apply" to save the changes. Close iTunes.

Double-click "My Computer" to launch Windows Explorer if you are using Windows. You should see your iPod listed as a portable hard disk. For Mac users, you should see your iPod's hard disk on the desktop.

Double-click your iPod's hard disk and locate the "Photos" folder. Double-click it. You should see the photos on your iPod. Drag the photos you want to a folder or location such as the desktop to transfer them to your computer.

Disconnect your device from the computer when you finish transferring photos to your computer.

Things you need

  • USB cable

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