How to fit a throw cover on a couch

Updated July 20, 2017

If your couch has stains, burns, or just is not aesthetically appealing, you can cover it up with a throw cover. This is a cheap option to change the look and style of your couch, or to just save it from the garbage dump. Fitting a throw cover on your couch is simple, and only takes a few minutes of work. With the right touch you can fit your throw cover so that it looks like it is actually part of the couch.

Align your throw cover so that it reaches from one end of the couch to the other. Depending on the size of the couch, you will need either a single-, full-, queen-, or king-size throw cover.

Tuck the top of your throw cover behind the backrest cushions on your couch. You don't want your throw to go over your couch's back frame because your throw will slip off when people sit down.

Slip the bottom of your throw cover underneath your bottom couch cushions. Make sure that your throw goes between your cushions and your frame.

Pull your throw cover taut by tucking it as far as it will go under your bottom cushions, and then fitting it to the crease where your back and bottom cushions meet. This will cause your throw cover to form-fit to your couch with no slack.

Tuck the sides of your throw cover into the area where your cushions meet your armrest. Your throw should not cover your armrests or the frame of your couch, just the cushions.


Make sure your throw is not too small for your couch, as it will constantly fall off when your couch is occupied. Always go with a bigger throw rather than a smaller one. Extra material is not a huge problem.

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