How to Spot Fake Chuck Taylors

Updated April 17, 2017

With canvas sneakers lining the shelves of discount retailers and department stores, shoppers want to know if they are buying real Converse Chuck Taylors, also known as "Chucks." Originally a canvas and rubber shoe sold only in black, "Chucks" now come in several fabrics and patterns. The shoes, with prominent eyelets and white laces, were originally marketed as All Star basketball shoes in 1917. Authentic Chuck Taylors have a few distinguishing marks that are unique to the original shoe.

Look at the shoe's tongue. Chuck Taylors have a label sewn at the top of the tongue that says "ALL STAR," with a star symbol in the middle of the two words.

Look at the shoe's heel. There should be a rubber rectangular label that says "ALL STAR," with a star separating the two words.

The sole of the shoe should be rubber with a diagonal line pattern. There is also a diamond pattern inset in the centre of the sole. In the very centre, there is a Converse All Star logo with a star. A shoe size, which will be a U.S. men's size, is also located here.

On high-top versions of Chuck Taylors, there is a white, circular, screenprinted logo that says "Converse All Star" and has a star that is the focal point. Chuck Taylor's signature is also in the logo.


Price can be a good indicator of authentic Chucks. While classic Chuck Taylors start at £29 at most retailers, the price can be higher for speciality fabrics or patterns.

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