How to Connect My JVC Digital Video Camera to My Computer

Updated February 21, 2017

JVC is an electronics company that makes many different digital cameras including a variety of digital video cameras. These digital video cameras record video content onto digital video tapes or hard drives. This means that the video data stored in the camera cannot be transferred without connecting the actual camera to the external device. Therefore, if you want to transfer your video content from your camera to your computer, you will have to properly connect the camera using the correct connection cable.

Find and purchase the correct cable to connect your JVC digital video camera to your computer. You will need a FireWire DV 6-pin to 4-pin cable. See "Resources" for a link for an example of the correct cable.

Plug the 6-pin side of the cable into your PC. According to the JVC user manual, you must first connect the cable to the PC before connecting to the video camera.

Connect the 4-pin side of the cable into your JVC digital video camera.

Restart the camcorder with the FireWire cable still plugged in if the computer is not recognising the video camera.


You can use proprietary software like Windows Messenger to use your JVC video camera for video conferencing.

Things You'll Need

  • FireWire DV cable
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