How to Check the Voicemail on a BlackBerry

Updated March 23, 2017

Much like an answering machine, the voicemail feature on your BlackBerry allows you to receive and store messages at your convenience. As a new BlackBerry user, learning about its many features can seem daunting, but as you will soon discover, retrieving voicemail messages is easy and can actually be done in a number of different ways.

Dial your own phone number. This will send you directly to voicemail. If you have already set up a password, you will be prompted to enter it. If this is the first time you are accessing your voicemail box, then you will hear a series of prompts that will guide you in setting up preferences for your account, like the option to bypass entering a password whenever you check your voicemail and the chance to record a new personalised greeting.

Set up a voicemail speed dial letter. For even quicker access to your voicemail, set up a speed dial number from Call Log. Scroll to your number and make sure it is highlighted. Press in your scroll ball or track wheel. Find the option "Add Speed Dial" and select it. Click "OK" when prompted to confirm that the phone number or contact selected is the one you want to add a speed dial entry for. Assign an available letter to represent your phone number (voicemail).

Go to Call Log (or press the Send button). Press your scroll ball or track wheel to access the menu. Scroll to "Call voicemail."

Dial your BlackBerry phone number from any phone. You will hear your own personalised greeting message (or an automated one if you opted not to create one) to leave a message. Dial *2 to go directly to your personal voicemail box. This will enable you to check your messages as if you were on your own BlackBerry.

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