How to make thin skin thicker

Updated February 21, 2017

A large number of factors could cause thin skin. Skin naturally begins to thin as we age, and factors such as extended exposure to steroids and intense sunlight can add to that thinning. Similarly, certain medical conditions and treatments, such as cancer and radiation treatment, can cause thinning skin. Certain ingredients found in skin care products can help thicken skin that has thinned naturally or by other exposures and can help you maintain your skin's beauty and firmness.

Purchase an anti-ageing cream that includes the ingredients alpha-lipoic acid or vitamin C ester. You may even be able to find some creams that contain both. Dermatologist and professor of medicine Nicholas Perricone, MD, advises that these two ingredients help to tighten and thicken skin.

Apply your cream product to your skin each day, per product instructions. Follow instructions carefully. You should use some creams twice per day. Others may require washing off shortly after applying.

Supplement your diet with foods rich in alpha-lipoic acid. Perricone lists green vegetables (such as broccoli and spinach), lean red meat and organ meats as good means of getting alpha-lipoic acid.


Find anti-ageing and beauty creams at convenience stores, pharmacies and Internet retailers. Vitamin retailers also sell vitamin supplements for alpha-lipoic acid and vitamin C ester.


Remember that serious medical conditions cause thinning skin. If you are unsure about the cause of your thin skin or if a certain type of cream or vitamin supplement is safe for you, consult your doctor before beginning any new regimen.

Things You'll Need

  • Face creams containing alpha-lipoic acid or Vitamin C ester
  • Dietary supplements
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