Can you take acai berry while on thyroid medication?

Image by, courtesy of Coty Schwabe

Acai berry is very popular for weight loss and overall health. It is high in antioxidants and is considered cleansing. In general, acai berry is a safe and natural supplement made from a tropical fruit found in the Amazon rainforests.


Know what you are getting in your acai. It is better to consume pure acai as dried berries or juice, but if you take a supplement make sure it is not combined with other ingredients.


If you are hypothyroid, acai may just provide you with a healthy pick-me-up. It may help reduce mental and physical symptoms, but it cannot cure thyroid problems.


Acai contains caffeine, which can raise your heart rate. This is a concern for those with hyperthyroid disorders such as Grave's disease. Be wary of combining acai berry with caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea.


You may experience less insomnia and tiredness while taking acai berries. In general, your mood may improve and you may have better concentration.


Never stop or start any medication without consulting your doctor. Always discuss any supplements with your doctor.

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