What is daflon 500?

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Daflon 500, a phlebotonic medicine, is used as treatment for haemorrhoids and venous illnesses. This drug is not for sale in the United States. Many European and Asian countries use it for treatment of different medical conditions.


Daflon 500 consists of 450 mg of diosmin and 50 mg of hesperidin. Hesperidin comes from a variety of orange that is popular in China and Spain. The drug is different from other diosmins because of the presence of flavonoids.


Patients with chronic venous conditions that result in heaviness of the lower limbs, cramps and pain are treated with Daflon 500. It is also given to patients who suffer from haemorrhoids. The drug eases the pain and takes away the discomfort the patient feels.

Side Effects

Some side effects from taking the drug include gastrointestinal problems and some minor problems in the nervous system. Special precaution must be taken for women who are pregnant or lactating.


For chronic haemorrhoids and venous conditions, take one tablet twice a day. For haemorrhoid attacks, consult your physician for the right dosage.

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