ENIVA Vibe: Negative Side Effects


The drink Vibe is described as a "nutraceutical" by the company that developed it, Eniva. It's a liquid blend of nutrients and vitamins in a bottle that boasts about its better ability to be processed by the body than pills or tablets.

Eniva Vibe comes in four different types of nutritional blends meeting four specific needs. The standard size of a bottle of Vibe is 907gr.


Eniva Vibe is for people who are concerned about getting enough of the vitamins and minerals they need. Rather than being in a pill or tablet form, Vibe is a liquid nutrient drink. The company claims that their product is 98 per cent digestible. It contains nutrients that are found in vegetables and fruits. This is marketed as a plus for parents who are concerned that their children are not eating the right foods. Vibe has a formula specifically for kids. There are no synthetic products in Eniva Vibe. It is made with all-natural ingredients. Some of the vitamins included are A, C, D and E. There are calcium, iron and folic acid included in the mixture.

Side Effects

Drinking too much Vibe can give you stomach pain or upset stomach. Vibe, while it looks like any other healthy juice, isn't just a juice. It's liquid nutrients and vitamins. People who drink the supplement are supposed to drink 28.4gr or 56.7gr at the most per dose. Consuming more than the recommended amount is normally the cause of stomach problems with Vibe. Women who are breast feeding should consult with their doctors before continuing to use Vibe. There is a formula for children, but it isn't recommended for babies. Also, you can take in too much vitamin A, C, magnesium and niacin if you drink excessive amounts. There is a recommended limit on how much of each of these your body is supposed to absorb in a day.


Eniva Vibe is does not contain an appetite suppressant. If you are looking for a dietary aid, Eniva Vibe isn't it. Vibe is meant to enhance your health by providing you with liquid nutrients. It won't curb your appetite or stop you from overeating.


SoluMax is the brand by Eniva that supports the immune system. AntiOX2 fights free radicals that cause you to age. HeartPro by Eniva is supposed to give you better cardiovascular health. The last type of Vibe is CollaMax. It is credited with aiding the health of your joints and cartilage.


While Eniva Vibe boasts that it is featured in the Physicians Desk Reference, it hasn't been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Since it is technically not a pharmaceutical, Vibe does not have to receive this approval.