How to Transfer a Mini Disc Recording to a Computer

Updated July 19, 2017

The MiniDisc player is a convenient and portable means of recording and listening to music. But it can be frustrating to have your music collection spread out in different media, such as MiniDisc or CD, if you want to listen to it on an mp3 player. Fortunately, transferring songs from MiniDisc to your computer is possible, giving you the ability to consolidate your music in one form.

Go to the address: and save the version of Audacity compatible with your operating system. Install Audacity, open Preferences and select your sound card from the Recording box.

Insert your recorded MiniDisc into the player. Connect the 1/8-inch cable from the headphone jack on the MiniDisc player to the input on your computer. Press "Play" on the player and observe that there is sound input showing up on Audacity. It will be two green bars under the control buttons, reading R and L. If there is no sound, go into your system preferences and choose your input as "Stereo Line-In."

Once sound input is established, press "Record" in Audacity and "Play" on the MiniDisc player a few seconds later. Watch that the L and R meters show green for the duration of the recording. If they show red, stop the recording and adjust the input volume, located under the meters. Once you have a recorded track that shows all green, stop play in Audacity and listen to the recording. If it sounds good to you, select "Export" in the File menu, name the track and save it in the file format you desire. Repeat Step 3 for each song you want on your computer from a MiniDisc.

Things You'll Need

  • MiniDisc player
  • Recorded MiniDisc
  • 1/8-inch stereo cable
  • Computer with 1/8 inch stereo input jack
  • Internet access
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