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How to Right Click on iPhone

Updated August 03, 2018

The Apple iPhone is a smartphone that offers many accessory applications. Whether you are surfing the net, copying pictures or taking notes, being able to use the "right click" function can come in handy. If you are new to the iPhone, you may think that the right-click option isn't possible. However, it is similar to using the right-click function on an Apple laptop. Do this once, and you will remember how to do it for the life of your iPhone.

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  1. Turn on the iPhone.

  2. Load an application such as Safari, iPhoto or Notes.

  3. Place one finger on the screen and hold it there.

  4. Tap the screen with another finger to have the right-click menu appear.

  5. Select the menu option you want.

  6. Tip

    Contact Apple Support if you have any concerns about how to use your iPhone. You can reach them at (800) 694-7466.

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