How to Make Nerf Darts From Scratch

Updated February 21, 2017

Nerf guns are popular toy weapons, but the darts they shoot can be damaged in use and are easily lost. Rather than buying them, you can make your own Nerf darts at home using a few items, many of which can be found around the house. The Nerf darts you make may not look as pretty as the ones sold commercially, but they will work just as well in your Nerf gun.

Measure a length of styrofoam tubing that is six inches long using the ruler and mark it with the black permanent ink pen. Cut the six-inch piece of styrofoam tubing off of the rest of the tubing with the scissors.

Using the six inch piece of styrofoam tubing as your guide, cut another four pieces of styrofoam tubing so as to have five six-inch pieces of styrofoam tubing overall.

Put the four pieces of styrofoam tubing inside of the pillow case. Close the end of the pillow case with a food clip. Put the bag in the clothes dryer and set the setting to "Medium heat". Run the clothes dryer for 10 minutes.

Remove the bag and empty out the five pieces of styrofoam onto a table. Hold a Nerf dart against one of the pieces of styrofoam and cut the styrofoam to the same length as the Nerf dart using the utility knife. Cut the other pieces of styrofoam to the same length as the Nerf dart using the utility knife.

Squeeze a 3/0 fishing weight between a pair of pliers to close the gap in the middle. Squeeze four other 3/0 fishing weights in the same way.

Hold the hot glue gun against one end of a styrofoam tube. Remove the hot glue gun after a small hole has been burnt into the styrofoam tube and some glue has been deposited into the hole.

Place the 3/0 fishing weight against the hole in the styrofoam tube and push it in. Apply some glue with the hot glue gun to the end of the 3/0 fishing weight so it creates a dome at the end of the styrofoam tube. Let the glue set. Repeat this process with all of the other styrofoam tubes.

Put the styrofoam tubes aside to let the glue dry. Burn a hole in the other end of each of the styrofoam tubes with the hot glue gun. Let the styrofoam tubes cool. Put the Nerf darts that you have made from styrofoam tubes into your Nerf gun and let them fly.


Lighter fabric will let the Nerf dart you have made travel farther.


Do not shoot Nerf darts at people's faces.

Things You'll Need

  • Pillow case
  • Scissors
  • 1-inch wide styrofoam tubing
  • Ruler
  • Black permanent ink pen
  • Food clip
  • Clothes dryer
  • Nerf dart
  • Utility knife
  • 3/0 fishing weights
  • Pliers
  • Hot glue gun
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