How to Fluff Up Bed Pillows

Updated July 20, 2017

Revive flat uncomfortable pillows by fluffing them. Wash a pillow twice a year to add the most fluff and revitalisation to it, according to Martha Stewart Living Magazine. You can wash and dry pillows in just a few steps, but it takes several hours to complete the entire washing and drying cycle.

Clean pillows in the washing machine. Inspect the pillow to make sure all ends and ticking of the pillow are securely sewn. Use the same method to wash down, feather and synthetic pillows.

Place two pillows into the washing machine at a time, and wash them together to keep washer weight even on both sides. Use an available commercial or front loading washing machine; pillows become extremely heavy when wet. A regular washing machine will push and pull on the fabric of the pillow, which causes damage and stress to both the pillow and the machine, suggests Northern Lodge, a down pillow manufacturer.

Use half the regular amount of washing powder, set the washer to delicate cycle and start the washing machine. Do not add bleach or fabric softener. Rinse the pillows twice to remove all soap and residue.

Place pillows in the dryer. Fluff pillows in the dryer by adding a pair of clean tennis balls or shoes. Avoid discolouring pillows by only using white or neutral-coloured tennis balls. Can't find white tennis balls? Place green tennis balls in socks and tie closed.

It will take longer to dry the pillows than ordinary drying cycles because of pillow density. Remove pillows on occasion, and shake and bend to fluff the pillows by hand to increase fluffing; replace in dryer and continue to dry. Make sure pillows are completely dry, and no dampness is felt.

Place a pillow protector on the pillows to protect from dirt, humidity and oil. Add pillow case and fluff. Position pillow on bed and get ready for a relaxing night's sleep.

Things You'll Need

  • Two pillows
  • washing powder
  • Clean tennis shoes or balls
  • Socks
  • Pillow protector
  • Pillow Case
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