How to Replace Wicker Furniture Cushion Covers

Wicker furniture retains its appeal for years, sometimes for generations. Wicker stands up to indoor and outdoor use and provides comfortable seating in many styles, including dining chairs, armchairs, sofas, love seats and porch swings. All of these provide more comfort with cushions. Cushions, even those of the highest quality, become worn or faded and require covers that fit. Find compatible replacement cushion covers and the wicker furniture will look its best.

Make a list of the items that need replacement cushion covers. Include all of the seating plus ottomans, vanity benches, storage benches and any other items with cushions that are due for new covers. Note style and colour preferences for each one; For example: six tie-on cushions in forest green, and two zippered love seat cushions in pink floral.

Locate the name of the furniture manufacturer if possible. Look for the original receipt, or check the furniture. Chairs sometimes have a tag or stamp under the seat. Turn the item upside down in a well-lit place. Even if there are no tags, the store where you bought your wicker furniture may be able to help you identify it. To get the right size replacement cushions, make a note of the model numbers also.

Order replacement cushions from the manufacturer's website or by phone. Use your list to save time and order all the items together.

Get replacement cushions even if it isn't possible to find out the manufacturer. (For example, some homes have wicker from many different sources, including antique pieces.) Take the tape measure, and measure each cushion. Measure with the cover still on. Measure the height by putting the tape measure against the edge of the cushion from where it rests on the seat to the top. This will be the smallest measurement. Measure the length (from one end of the sofa cushion to the other) and the width. Note all the measurements and double-check them.

Take your measurements with you when you shop. Compare prices and fabric quality. Some shops offer custom cushions and covers. This may be the most satisfactory option for hard-to-fit cushions. Due to labour costs and the time involved in putting in zippers or other fastenings, they will be expensive. Check sources online visit major retailers for wicker furniture replacement cushions by size.


For outdoor wicker furniture cushion covers, select a fabric designed to resist fading and mould. Save information on the cushions you order, and reordering will be fast. Keep receipts, tags and warranty information for all furniture and accessories in files so that in the future you can look up contact information for ordering. Keeping one file for each room will help with organisation. In case of spills on your new cushion covers, pat with a clean rag; don't rub. Rubbing drives the stain into the material. Use a butter knife to scrape off greasy spills.


If you order by phone, mail or online, check shipping times and refund policies. Look for information on the company's reputation before ordering.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Note pad
  • Pen
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