How to thread a tie down ratchet

Updated February 21, 2017

A properly threaded ratchet buckle and tie-down strap will ensure that your cargo is not damaged and that the cargo does not come loose and injure or damage people or property. Two components make up a tie-down ratchet strap, the ratchet buckle and the tie-down strap. The tie-down strap is held to the ratchet buckle and the handle of the ratchet buckle pulls and secures the tie-down strap. The strap will remain tight until you release a lever.

Close the ratchet buckle and unwind the tie-down strap.

Thread the raw end of the strap into the lowest slot located on the ratchet buckle's slotted axle and pull 12- to 14-inches of the strap through the axle slot.

Loop the tie-down strap around and thread the raw end of the strap through the top slot of the axle. Make sure that there are no twists in the strap and pull the raw end of the strap to tighten the loop. If you reverse the direction of the threading, the tie-down strap will bind in the ratchet buckle and you will find it difficult to loosen the ratchet strap.

Hook the end of the ratchet buckle on one side of the cargo and the tie-down strap on the other side of the cargo.

Pull the raw end of the tie-down strap to pull the slack from the strap. Ensure that there are no twists in the strap as you pull. The strap must lie flat to avoid having the strap bind in the ratchet buckle.

Ratchet the buckle by pulling the handle toward the hooked end of the tie down strap. Repeat the process until the properly threaded strap holds the cargo tightly.

Things You'll Need

  • Ratchet buckle
  • Tie-down strap
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