How to replace a fan belt on a citroen saxo

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The fan belt on a Citroen Saxo is a single, continuous belt known as a serpentine belt.

The serpentine belt runs through a variety of other components in the engine of the vehicle, such as the air conditioner pump, the water pump and the alternator, and while the exact number of components on the fan belt differs based upon which year and model of the Saxo you drive, the process for replacing a fan belt is identical. If the belt begins to fray or crack it needs to be replaced to keep the car running properly and safely.

Park your Citroen Saxo in a flat, safe area, such as a garage or a driveway, and set the parking brake before turning off the engine. Allow the motor to cool for at least 30 minutes before you work on the belt. Open the bonnet of the vehicle and disconnect the battery leads with the adjustable wrench and look for the belt routing diagram on the underside of the hood or the radiator fan cover (the location will vary depending on which model of the Saxo you are driving).

Remove the fan cover with the socket set and ratchet and set the cover and bolts to the side. Follow the diagram to locate the tensioner pulley that keeps the belt tight on the pulleys within the engine. Place the appropriate-sized socket on the end of the bolt sticking out of the tensioner pulley and attach the breaker bar ratchet. Refer to the diagram for the direction you should turn the ratchet in order to disengage the pulley (some models of the Saxo require clockwise turning, while others require counterclockwise).

Apply pressure to the ratchet to disengage the tensioner pulley and slide the belt off of the pulley. Allow the pulley to slide back into place and remove the belt from the other components in the engine. Route a new belt through the pulleys following the diagram for your specific Saxo. Start at the crankshaft pulley and work your way up to the timing pulley, saving the tensioner pulley for last. Disengage the pulley and slide the belt over the tensioner pulley. Let the pulley return to its taught position, tightening the belt as it does so.

Replace the leads to the battery and reattach the fan cover with the socket set. Close the bonnet of the Saxo and start the engine. Listen for screeching sounds that indicate the belt may not be installed properly, and allow the vehicle to run for a few minutes so the automatic belt tensioner can adjust the belt tension.