How to use shirts studs for a tuxedo

Updated February 21, 2017

Shirt studs are a fashionable accessory to complement a tuxedo. Made of metal with jewelled or semi-precious stone accents, shirt studs take the place of buttons on a tuxedo shirt, adding flair and panache to formal wear. Tuxedo dress shirts, with or without ruffles and flared edges, have holes on both sides of the front panel where buttons would normally be sewn into the fabric. Using shirt studs in preparing formal wear adds a dash of colour and elegance to the tuxedo shirt, especially when colour-coordinated with a bow tie and cummerbund.

Check the number of horizontal slits on the right-hand side of the tuxedo shirt to determine how many studs will be needed. A tuxedo shirt will normally have five or six studs extending down the front, depending on the size of the shirt.

Insert a shirt stud through the back of each slit in the right-front panel of the tuxedo shirt so that the finished or jewelled surface extends through the front.

Put on the shirt and pull the left front panel over the right panel.

Button the tuxedo shirt the same as a normal shirt would be buttoned, using the shirt studs as buttons so that each stud is visible through the front.

Smooth out the tuxedo shirt and tuck the tails into the trousers.

Wear a bow tie and matching cummerbund that colour coordinate with the shirt studs. For example, black and gold shirt studs go well with a black tie and black cummerbund.


Use matching cuff links to complement the shirt studs. Use the plastic button at the neck of the tuxedo shirt to fasten the front panels. There is no need to use a shirt stud since the bow tie will cover this area.

Things You'll Need

  • Tuxedo shirt
  • Shirt studs
  • Tuxedo
  • Bow tie
  • Cummerbund
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