How to Replace Doll Eyelashes

Updated February 21, 2017

You're never too old to play with dolls, or so the old adage goes. For collectors, playing with dolls involves routine maintenance of prized and cherished dolls of all sizes, ages and types. Replacing doll eyelashes is a relatively simple process. Some doll eyelashes come with adhesive backing so they can be pressed into place, but these eyelashes have a short wear life. Gluing replacement doll eyelashes into position is the safest way to ensure the eyelashes stay in position for a long time.

Remove any eyelashes or pieces of eyelashes that may still be on your doll by picking the eyelashes off with tweezers. Make sure the eyelid area is clean and free of dust.

Remove the eyelash or eyelash strip from the packaging. If you are using pre-measured eyelashes for a specific type of doll, disregard this step. If you have a strip or larger eyelash piece that needs sizing, gently lay the eyelashes over the edge of the eyelid by grasping the end of the eyelash strip with the tweezers (or eyelash placement tool) in one hand, and gently snipping the eyelashes to the appropriate length with the small scissors in your other hand. Discard the remnant of eyelashes.

Using a toothpick, apply a thin strip of super glue or tacky glue to the edge of the eyelid. Put the glue onto the toothpick and transfer the glue to the lid by "drawing" a line with the glue drop onto the doll's eyelid edge.

Grasp the end of the eyelash strip in the tweezers (or eyelash placement tool) and position over, but not onto the lid.

Using a clean toothpick in the other hand, push the eyelashes into position and against the doll's eyelid. Set the tweezers aside once the eyelashes are in position.

Use a toothpick to adjust the eyelashes quickly before the glue sets, by sliding the strip to either side or down or up. Allow the glue to dry.

Use the small scissors to snip any stray eyelash from the end of the strip or that isn't lying properly.


If you are working on a sleep-eye doll, use tape or some other form of keeping the doll's eyes closed during the eyelash replacement process so the glue does not permanently adhere the doll's eyes open or closed.


Use caution when using super glue, as it can adhere flesh to flesh and objects to flesh. Follow the manufacturer's directions if the glue gets on your flesh.

Things You'll Need

  • Doll eyelashes or eyelash strips
  • Small scissors
  • Tweezers or eyelash placement tool
  • Toothpicks
  • Super glue or tacky glue
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