How to Make Fangs Using Putty

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The vampire look is a fashionable look for Halloween and other costumes. Vampires are always well sought after because of their dangerous personalities and suave personas. The main difference between a regular person and a vampire is the teeth. You can purchase teeth from a costume store, or make your own at home that are customised to fit your mouth using putty and acrylic nail powder. Making vampire teeth from putty is a multi-step process that will take two or three days to complete.

Form a ball of impression putty with your hands. You can purchase impression putty from a costume store. Press the putty into your top teeth to make a negative tooth impression. Make the impression of the entire top row of your teeth for greater mould stability. You will make the vampire teeth from the canine teeth, so make sure to include those teeth in the mould.

Fill the impression with plaster of Paris and allow to harden overnight. Remove the putty when the plaster is dry.

Mix the powdered nail acrylic with the liquid acrylic. You can purchase nail acrylic products from a beauty supply store. Mix the two ingredients together until they form a putty. Mold the acrylic into a fang shape and press it onto the canine plaster tooth impression. Do this again for the second canine tooth impression. Allow the acrylic to dry for about two hours. Remove the fang from the plaster. You should have two rough tooth shapes with a hole in the middle where it will attach to your teeth.

Use a hand-held buffing drill to shape the acrylic tooth into the desired shape. Buff away any protrusions to form a fang that has a triangle shape. The tooth should be the widest near the top and taper down to a sharp point. Mold the tooth until it takes on a fang shape. Don't make the point too sharp or you could cut your lips or tongue while wearing the fangs. Make sure you don't drill through the holes at the top of the teeth or you will not be able to fit them in your mouth. Wipe away excess dust with a damp cloth.

Place a small amount of putty inside the centre hole of the fang. Press the fang against your canine tooth and hold it in place for about a minute while the putty fuses to your teeth. Repeat for the other fang. Gently wiggle the tooth to break the bond when you want to remove the teeth.

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