How to Get a Virgo Man

Updated July 20, 2017

The charismatic, competent Virgo man can be a superior catch. If you're well-matched, snagging this particular sign may be a bit simpler than others because of his practical, direct and determined nature; once you've attracted the Virgo man, you'll only need to sit back and let him catch you! The key here is knowing how Virgo thinks. With his rational mind, he knows what he wants. Your task is to show him which of your qualities fit his ideal.

Be interesting. Virgo is intelligent, deliberative and practical. He wants someone who can hold a conversation, who has potential to be a partner in many ways (including family life), and who will complement his strengths. Virgo makes no decision lightly, so he will need to see the potential in all these areas before pursuing a relationship. This may sound like a tall order, as Virgo is a perfectionist. However, Virgo's mind is open to all kinds of people as long as these basic needs are met.

Be encouraging. Virgo's not in the market for an ice queen. Flirty detachment may be intriguing to some degree, but being compatible with Virgo means supporting his big endeavours--at which he's sure to be successful. He needs to know that when he's built his castle, he'll have someone by his side who values it as much as he does. (Being strong is an asset. Being hard is a definite drawback.) So instead of a cold shoulder, offer an interested smile and a give-and-take dialogue on a first date with Virgo.

Be Needy (a little). As much as Virgo admires an intellectual and social equal, he also wants to save the day. If you're at a career crossroads, open up to him and let him share his surprising wealth of knowledge. If your car breaks down, ask him to negotiate with the mechanic, as his business savvy is sure to kick in. If these aren't your areas of weakness, just communicate to Virgo where you could use some help and he'll research a solid solution. Virgo is glad to assist those he cares about, while showing off his strengths.


Virgo tends to be neat and organised. If you're on the messy side, try to play that down initially. Let him take the lead. Virgo is open to things you like, so tell him and let him plan an amazing date. Enjoy yourself. When on a date, Virgo will be happy to know his efforts to show you a good time are paying off.


Virgo can be quite stubborn and set in his ways. Consider carefully if you need someone more flexible.

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