How to Keep Chairs From Scratching a Laminate Floor

Updated February 21, 2017

Laminate flooring features the beautiful look of wood flooring without the high cost and constant upkeep. While laminate floors are less prone to scratching and denting than their real wood counterparts, they can be scratched. Areas where laminate flooring is particularly prone to scratching include dining rooms, where chairs are continually scraping back and forth as they are pushed in and out from the table. Follow some simple steps to install tap-on felt glides available at any hardware store on the bottom of your chairs to keep them from scratching your laminate floor.

Place the first chair on its back on a carpeted area, or on a towel on your laminate floor. Center the metal rivet of the glide on the bottom of the first chair leg. Tap the felt end of the glide with your hammer until the rivet is firmly seated all the way in the wood of your chair leg. You should no longer be able to see any metal, only plastic and felt.

Repeat on all of the chair legs until all of the felt glides are installed.

Set the chair with the felt tap-on glides installed on your laminate floor, and sit on it to ensure that it is level. If any of the glides were not tapped in all of the way, often just sitting in the chair will push them the rest of the way in. If the chair feels uneven, set it on its back again on a carpeted area or on a towel on your laminate floor, and tap all of the glides until each metal rivet is fully set against the wood of your chair legs.

Continue installing felt glides on your chairs until all of your chairs have felt protectors on every chair leg.


If your chair legs are made from a substance other than wood, you can purchase felt glides that have an adhesive backing. Simply lay your chair on its back on a carpeted area or on a towel on your laminate flooring, peel the felt glides off the backing and stick them on the centre of the bottom of each of your chair legs. The adhesive glides will need to be replaced periodically. You can purchase glides in colours to match your chair legs so that they are completely unnoticeable.


If your chairs came with plastic glides, replace them with felt glides. Plastic glides can scratch your laminate flooring.

Things You'll Need

  • Chairs
  • Tap-on felt glides for each chair leg
  • Towel
  • Hammer
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