How to Do a Table Swag

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A table swag is a decoration that is used to dress up the sides of a table where a table skirt drapes to the floor. Table skirts are often used on buffet tables or head tables at weddings and events. The front of the table uses skirting, while the back of the table may be open to allow room for diners' legs.

When a table cloth is used over a table skirt, the cloth is often arranged to create swags across the front of the table.

Unfold a fold-out table. Attach table skirting to the table, using table clips. Start 6 inches from the back corner. Wrap the skirting around the corner and along the side. Table clips are small plastic clips that slide into the back of the skirting and over the table edge. Position a clip every 1 to 2 feet. Wrap around the front and the second side. Finish 6 inches from the corner on the back side. This will hide the legs of the diners from view.

Place the tablecloth centred over the table. The tablecloth will hide the clips. Accordion-fold the front edge of the tablecloth in 2-inch folds. Slide a larger safety pin through the folds near the back at the centre point of the table and pin them so the pin doesn't show. Maintain the folds and pin at each front corner in the same way. This will create the swag in the middle.

Fold up each side in the same accordion fold. Pin at each corner. This will swag the sides of the cloth. Cut 5-foot lengths of accent fabric 12 inches wide. Tie each length into a bow. Pin one bow over the centre point on the front side of the table. Pin one bow over each corner point. Tuck any extra tablecloth fabric up behind the bow.