How to Remove Mousetrap Glue

Shana Novak/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Many mousetraps are made with high-strength glue that traps a mouse if it runs across the adhesive.

The problem is, if you have these in your home, you can sometimes drop the trap, get the trap stuck to your clothing or carpeting, or a mouse may even work its way off of the trap and drag the glue to another area where it becomes stuck to the surface. You can easily pull the trap itself off of the surface that it gets stuck to, but you still get left with the mousetrap adhesive that is more difficult to remove.

Rub ice cubes over the mousetrap glue to harden the glue. Rub for about 60 seconds to fully harden the glue.

Pick off the glue with your fingertips, as it is now a hard texture and has lost the adhesive quality.

Rub a thin layer of peanut butter over any leftover adhesive and let sit for five minutes. The oil content in the peanut butter will break apart any stuck-on adhesive.

Moisten a cleaning rag and rub off the peanut butter. Continue until all peanut butter and mousetrap glue is removed completely. Let the area air dry.