How to Make a Leather Knife Roll

Updated April 17, 2017

Both knife collectors and professional chefs carry their prized possessions in rolls, or cases. These are convenient for transportation but also protect the knives from unnecessary wear and tear. Most commercially available rolls are in heavy cloth, but a leather roll adds elegance to a collection and is simple in design and easy to make.

Collect your knives, and lay them on a square of heavy canvas at least twice as long as your longest knife. Leave two inches between each knife.

Fold one end of the canvas over to form a flap that covers the blades such that every knife reveals at least some of its handle for easy removal. Mark where the fold is.

Fold the other end of the canvas to form a flap that covers the handles, which overlaps the other flap by at least an inch. Mark this second fold.

Measure two inches on either side of the two outside knives. Draw a line on either side that is perpendicular to the folded edges.

Remove the knives, and cut the canvas in a large rectangle. Pin the blade flap on either side to form a pouch. Fold over the handle flap. Measure the dimensions of the roll when it is folded.

Cut a piece of leather that matches the dimensions from Step 5 exactly. This will be the leather outside of your roll case. Pin it on the edges to the outside of your roll. With the flaps folded down, stitch along three edges but not the bottom of the blade flap. You should now have a flat piece of leather on one side and a pouch with an overlapping flap on the other side.

Replace your knives in the pouch formed by the blade flap in the order you want to store them. Use a ruler to push down the fabric between each knife, and draw a line on the flap.

Stitch along each of those lines, leaving a half inch from the bottom of the blade flap. (This will allow the roll to fold more easily.)

Attach a grommet to one edge of the roll, halfway along the edge. Insert a leather boot lace which you will use to tie up your roll.


An old leather jacket or cushion should provide ample material for a knife roll. Add another few inches on the left and right to make room for knives that you will add to your collection. Even though your roll has a leather shell, you may wash it in cold water, with gentle detergents. Let it air dry. If you have sheaths or cases for your knives, keep those in the roll as well, to prevent punctures with the blades.

Things You'll Need

  • Buckskin or lightweight leather
  • Canvas
  • Heavy shears
  • Heavy-duty thread
  • Sewing machine or leather stitching awl
  • Grommet(s)
  • Leather boot laces
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