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How to Build a Skateboard Grinding Rail

Updated April 17, 2017

One of the most foundational skills a skateboarder will need to learn and perfect is the grind. There are many different types of grinds, such as the 50-50 grind, the board slide, and the nosegrind. The key to learning and perfecting these moves is being able to practice them often. It's not always possible to travel to the skate park to use their equipment and rails, so you will have to bring that part of the skate park home and build your own grind rail.

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  1. Take both of the wood blocks and mark a spot in the centre to cut out a place for your pipe to rest. Take a saw or other wood working tool and cut out a half circle piece of wood about 2 inches into the block. Sand these cut outs in the blocks to make sure they are smooth.

  2. Sand the cut outs in the blocks to make sure they are smooth. Use a soft grade of sandpaper so that you avoid sanding the block too much and preventing the pipe from resting in the wood snugly.

  3. Place the two blocks and place them roughly 10 feet apart. After you have moved the blocks position one end of the pipe down into the cut away in each block.

  4. Take your drill and make holes through the sides of the blocks and into the pipe. Screw in long bolts and screws to secure the wood to the pipe. Make sure the holes you drill are perfectly straight and that the screws are long enough to secure the pipe to the block.

  5. Take your grind rail to the driveway and test it out. Make sure that you are wearing the appropriate safety gear like a helmet and pads before testing out your rail.

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Things You'll Need

  • Two wood blocks measuring a foot and a half in length and approximately four inches in height.
  • Drill
  • 10 feet of pipe
  • Bolts
  • Washers
  • Sandpaper

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