How to Sharpen the Scissors on a Leatherman Micra

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A multitool, like the Leatherman Micra, is a friend to construction workers, outdoorsmen and do-it-yourself types. The scissors on these handy little tools are invaluable when you need to cut a wire or snip something small. The scissor blades on your multitool will need to be sharpened periodically to insure their reliability. Sharpening small scissors takes a bit of practice and even more patience.

Open the tool, locate the scissors inside of the handle, extend the scissors, and close the handle of the tool. Wipe the scissors free of dirt, dust and oil with a clean, dry rag.

Fold the rag and place it neatly on a flat surface. Place the diamond stone onto the centre of the rag to hold the stone in place.

Open the scissors as wide as possible with one hand. Place your other hand on the rag to hold it so that it will not slide.

Place the outside of the blade against the diamond stone so that the back of the blade is raised to form a 45 degree angle with the stone and the sharp edge of the blade firmly against the stone facing away from you. Press the blade along the stone 10-15 times at this angle. Flip the same blade over, hold it flat against the stone and push it forward once to remove metal slivers from the blade.

Sharpen the other scissor blade the way you did the first. Test the scissors. Repeat the entire process as necessary until the scissors make a clean, even cut in the paper. Open the handle of the tool, fold the scissors closed inside of the handle, and close the tool.

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