How to cut scotia with a mitre box

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Scotia is a light hardwood moulding with a concave profile, according to Wickes. It is good for covering corner gaps and expansion gaps for engineered flooring. A mitre box is a wooden or plastic saw guide with pre-formed angled slots. This makes sawing accurate angled cuts easier.

Set the mitre box down on a flat and steady surface. A workbench or table are ideal. Place the extended side against the edge of the workbench or table.

Place the scotia into the mitre box with its square section sitting against the back of the box. Hold it in place with your non-sawing hand. Brace it with your thumb.

Insert your saw into the slot marked “90º” for a ninety degree cut. For a forty-five degree cut, use the “45”º slot. These are the most commonly cut angles in mitre boxes. However, there are boxes which offer other angles, such as thirty degrees, sixty degrees and sixty seven point five degrees.

Saw gently at first to mark a groove in the wood. Apply more pressure as the saw cuts through the exterior layer of wood. Keep sawing until you have cut all the way through the scotia.

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