How to Iron a King Size Fitted Sheet

Updated April 17, 2017

Fitted sheets can be unwieldy and awkward to iron, considering their rounded corners and the elastic that holds them onto your bed. But having a well-ironed king-size sheet can make your bed look elegant and neatly kept. You just need to take a few more steps when ironing.

Add water to your iron to make it ready to steam.

Choose one corner of your sheet and put it over the front, rounded edge of your ironing board.

Press out your corner.

Work lengthwise down the side of the sheet until you hit the next corner, pressing your way from the middle of the sheet to the edge.

Work around the rest of the king-size sheet, pressing your way from the middle of the sheet to the edge.

Pull the remaining corners over the rounded edge of the ironing board and press them out.


Consistently work around the edge of the elastic, but avoid ironing the elastic for too long. It could melt and ruin your sheet. If wrinkles get in your way or refuse to be ironed out, spray them with a bit of water and then press your iron over them.

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