How to Use a Shark Steam Mop

Updated February 21, 2017

The Shark Steam Mop is a single-piece mop with a heated water chamber. Water in the chamber is heated to produce steam to help loosen grime and dirt on hard floor surfaces, which is then removed by the mop head. The Steam Mop was designed for efficiency, and is lightweight for greater maneuverability. Steam is produced quickly, and the mop head is double-sided for continuous use when one side becomes dirty.

Line the microfiber cleaning pad up with the mop head and press it into place. The mop head has tabs that fit in grooves in the cleaning pad.

Place the mop on the floor with the water tank pointing up and unscrew the water tank cap.

Fill the filling flask with tap water, pour it into the water tank and replace the fill cap.

Plug the steam mop into an electrical socket. The indicator light will come on. The mop will start producing steam after approximately 30 seconds

Press the pump handle down to release steam out of the mop head.

Move the mop head back and forth across the floor to start cleaning. Steam will continue to be released from the mop head through the motion of the mop.

Flip the mop around to use the other side of the mop head when the first side becomes dirty.

Refill the water tank as needed by unplugging the machine and following Steps 1 and 2.


The microfiber cleaning pad can be cleaned and reused. Wash the cleaning pad in a washing machine and allow it to air dry.

Things You'll Need

  • Microfiber cleaning pad
  • Filling flask supplied with the vacuum
  • Water
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