How to Use an Electric Steamer

Updated February 21, 2017

An electric steamer takes the guesswork out of steaming rice or vegetables. This kitchen appliance uses a sensing device or timer to determine when to turn the steaming off and stop the cooking. This feature prevents gummy rice or limp vegetables. Though more expensive than steamer inserts or baskets, opt for an electric steamer if you find yourself steaming the food for most of your meals.

Remove the trays from the steamer, and arrange the food in a single layer in each tray. Place the thickest foods in the bottom tray.

Pour water into the base of the steamer according to manufacturer's instructions, so the water will not touch the food in the bottom tray after you replace the trays.

Set the trays back into the steamer and replace the lid.

Plug in the machine and set the timer according to a steaming chart.

Unplug the machine and remove the food as soon as the timer stops to avoid steam build-up from overcooking the food.

Things You'll Need

  • Electric steamer
  • Water
  • Steaming time chart
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