How to find the paint colour code on Ford Vehicles

Written by leonardo r. grabkowski | 13/05/2017
How to find the paint colour code on Ford Vehicles
. (Mark Hayes/iStock/Getty Images)

Each auto manufacturer assigns a specific code to paint colours. This number may change from year to year, as minor differences in paint colours may occur. You'll need the paint colour code if you want to purchase the correct type of touch-up paint for your Ford vehicle.

Open your driver's side door and closely examine the door jamb to find the production label.

Look for the section titled "Exterior colour" or "Exterior paint." Some models will simply say "Paint code."

Write down the paint colour code. The paint colour codes are usually letters, rather than numbers, but they can be a combination of both.


  • If your production sticker is missing, contact your local Ford dealer and give them your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). The dealer can search for the vehicle information and provide you with the paint colour code.


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