How to Recover an Acer Aspire

Updated March 23, 2017

Acer Aspire computers come with a built-in hidden partition that allows you to restore your computer to factory settings in case the system becomes corrupted. While it may be more prudent to simply reinstall the operating system, certain drastic situations may call for you to begin from scratch. This can be done easily on most Acer Aspire models.

Backup all of your important data. Restoring your computer will erase all saved information. If you are able to boot into your system, move all of your important files onto an external hard drive or burn it to a disc.

Reboot your machine.

Press "ALT" + "F10" as the machine boots up.

Type in the security code. This is often "000000".

Select your operating system and press "Enter." This will begin the recovery process.


You may need to enable hard disk recovery by processing "F2" at start-up and choosing "Enabled" under the "Advanced" tab.


If "Alt" + "F10" does not bring up the recovery wizard, then your machine may not have a recovery partition. Check with your computer's documentation for more details.

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