How to Repair a Trampoline Mat

Updated February 21, 2017

Owning your own trampoline is a family investment sure to provide hours of fun. What's more, a trampoline can be a great source of exercise. Unfortunately, through both heavy use and prolonged exposure to the sun, the matting of your trampoline may develop holes. While large holes require purchasing a new mat, small holes that are inch or smaller can be mended.

Remove the mat from your trampoline before attempting any repairs by carefully unhooking it from the springs.

Rip off a square of duct tape, and place it over the top of the hole, with the hole centred in the square. The duct tape will serve as extra support to prevent the hole from spreading.

Repeat for the underside of the hole.

Cut the patch provided in the kit so that it is big enough to cover the hole with an inch of room to spare on all sides. The patch should cover more area than the duct tape, and can be cut with more than an inch of room around the hole if needed to cover the tape.

Sew the patch over the hole with the thread provided in your kit so it is on the top side of the matting. There is no need for a patch on the underside of the trampoline.

Rehang the mat on your trampoline by once again hooking the loops on the springs.

Things You'll Need

  • Duct tape
  • Trampoline patch kit
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