How to program and unlock Virgin Mobile phones

Virgin Mobile is a well-known mobile phone network in the UK. Unlocking a Virgin Mobile phone can be tricky, though programming a Virgin Mobile phone is quite simple. Learn a few ways you can program and how to unlock Virgin a Mobile phone.

Unlock the phone

Gather the information you will need to unlock your Virgin Mobile phone. You will need to know your mobile phone number, the manufacturer and model number for your phone, the network and country your phone is locked to and your phone's IMEI number. The IMEI number is a 15-digit number you can find by entering "*#06#" on your phone's keypad.

Call Virgin Mobile and let them know you want to switch to another service provider. You may be required to give a one-month notice or pay a fee in exchange for the Virgin Mobile unlock code for your phone.

Use an online unlocking service like S21 to obtain the Virgin Mobile unlock code for your phone (see Resources). S21 offers unlock codes for many different phone models for less than £3.

Programming the phone

Turn on your Virgin Mobile phone by pressing and holding the "Power" button. Use the keypad to enter the code "##VIRGIN#" or "#-#-8-4-7-4-4-6-#." This code takes you to the Programming menu of your cell phone. Note that some models of Virgin Mobile phones will require a different code such as "##VIRGIN" or "#-#-8-4-7-4-4-6."

Scroll down to "Activate Phone" and select "OK." A message will appear asking, "Do you want to activate your phone now?" Choose "Yes." Press "Start," followed by "OK" when you see the message, "Hi. Press Start to continue the activation process."

Wait for your phone to display the message "We're getting your phone number for you." Write down your 10-digit Virgin Mobile number. Click Finished > OK to complete the programming process. Your Virgin Mobile phone will turn off and on by itself.


Consult the official Virgin Mobile website for information on how to program your specific model of Virgin Mobile cell phone.


It may not be possible to unlock Virgin Mobile phones without a code provided by Virgin Mobile. If you live in the United Kingdom, Virgin Mobile is required to give you an unlock code.

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