How to Shrink Wrap CDs and DVDs

Updated April 17, 2017

Shrink wrapping CDs and DVDs protects them. It seals them tightly to prevent chipping, scratching and breaking. You may decide to shrink wrap these items if you plan to sell them, ship them or give them to friends and loved ones as gifts. Whether you enclose them in cases or expose them individually, sealing them with shrink wrap is a cost-effective means of keeping your CDs and DVDs secure.

Cut a piece of cellophane film that is three times as long as your DVD or CD case. The cellophane must wrap completely around the item or it will not seal properly. Purchase cellophane at a local craft or hardware store.

Set the blow dryer to a low heat setting and blow air on the overlapping edges of the cellophane film. Increase the heat gradually until the edges of the film begin to shrink and seal together.

Pick up the wrapped CD or DVD, and blow the front and back of it with your blow dryer. Continue the blow drying process until the cellophane seals tightly around the item.

Put an extra layer of shrink wrap around each CD and DVD for extra security. This may cause the items to look less polished, but it will help to strengthen their protective barrier.


Too much hot air will cause the cellophane to tear, so make sure that you increase the temperature of your blow dryer gradually.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Blow dryer
  • Cellophane roll
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