How to Repair a Paper Lamp Images

Light, beautiful and incredibly fragile, paper lamp shades get punctures, tears, or simply just fall apart more readily than practically any other household item. So why bother keeping them? Because they're easier to fix than any item too.

While replacing a lamp shade can cost upward of £13, fixing it takes only a few cheap items and no one will ever be the wiser.

Spray any misshaped or dented areas with a fine mist of water. If the damaged area is not misshapen, skip to step 4.

Place a cup or bowl inside the shade to push the damaged area back to the desired shape. Ignore any gaps or tears for now, just focus on making the surface smooth.

Dry the misshaped area with a blow dryer, keeping the cup or bowl in place for support.

Cut a small piece of tissue or thin craft paper to a size only slightly larger than any holes or gaps. Try to get paper that matches the colour of your shade. If the tear realigns on its own, no extra paper is needed.

Brush a thin layer of archival quality, acid-free paper glue on the inside of the shade over the damaged area. If you are not going to use a patch, make sure to glue between any overlapping areas.

Lay the patch paper over the damaged area from the inside and lightly press into place. If no patch is needed, place a piece of waxed paper over the damaged area and apply light pressure to the mend.

Remove the waxed paper and allow the glue to dry thoroughly.

Cut several pieces of double-stick tape and place them inside the lamp shade where the ring used to be.

Remove the waxed paper from the back of the tape.

Place the ring back into place, applying pressure around the edges where it hits the tape.

Cut a piece of masking tape a couple inches long.

Cut small notches along both sides of the tape every centimetre or so. Depending on the tightness of the curve, you may need more or less notches.

Press one side of the tape along the top of the ring. The notches should help the tape curve with the ring.

Press the other side of the tape down over the ring and onto the inside of the shade.

Repeat adding strips of masking tape around the ring until it is secure.