What Can Be Put on a Cracked Glass Window to Hide or Blend the Crack?

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Glass surfaces are susceptible to scratches, chips, dings and other types of damage, including cracking. A change in temperature or damage to the area may cause the crack. If you cannot afford a professional restoration on the project, then opt for different methods of covering the glass. The crack becomes a part of the design and blends into the glass surface.

Household Remedy

Combine 1 tbsp table salt, 1 tsp bug repellent, 1 tbsp rubbing alcohol and 1/2 cup water in a small bowl. Stir the mixture with a fork, which helps the salt dissolve in the water. Coat a sponge with the solution and wipe the sponge over the crack. Wait a few minutes until the liquid dries in the crack. Keep dipping the sponge in the solution, wiping it over the crack and drying each layer. As the liquid builds up, it fills in the crack. Wipe a dry cloth over the crack with the last layer, wiping off any residue from the surrounding glass.

Super Glue

For a quick and temporary fix on cracked glass, try super glue or another form of clear heavy-duty glue. Press the tip of the glue into the crack and squeeze the bottom, forcing the glue out. Wipe the area with a cotton swab, pushing the glue into an even layer. Add as much glue as it takes until you completely fill in the crack. Once the glue dries, wipe the surface with a towel dipped in glue remover. Rub the towel against the glass until the glue sits even with the surrounding glass.

Ultraviolet Adhesive

Ultraviolet cured adhesives repair cracked and damaged glass without turning yellow like some other glues do. Even after years of use, the glue remains as clear as the glass it repairs. Craft stores and some home improvement stores sell the adhesive, as it is often used in the repair of antiques and collectibles. Apply the glue the same way you would the super glue by placing thin layers of the glue inside the crack. Wipe the area with a glue remover-soaked towel, wiping off any excess glue.


Use extreme caution when repairing windshields or windows in your vehicle. If your state requires an inspection, then the cracks might not pass. When you have a cracked windshield, your only resort might be installation of a new windshield. The inspector has the final say on whether or not the home repair job is safe.

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