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How to Attach Fabric Samples into a Sketchbook

Place pieces of fabric in a sketchbook either to show off a creation or to enhance a picture. This is especially useful if you are designing an article of clothing or textile. You can glue any type of textile in a sketchbook, but thicker fabrics will stress the bind of the sketchbook. If you plan to use several pieces of thick fabric, such as faux fur, use a spiral-bound book to prevent damage. A spiral-bound book will also provide enough "give" to prevent flattening the fabric.

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  1. Cut the piece of fabric to the proper size. Use scissors designated for cutting fabric to ensure a sharp, clean cut.

  2. Apply Super Glue around the edges of the back side of the fabric.

  3. Lay the fabric piece on the paper in the sketchbook. Run a finger along the edge to press the glue into place. Super Glue dries quickly.

  4. Write down the date or any other information around the fabric with a fine-tipped marker.

  5. Warning

    Applying glue to the centre or inner part of the fabric will create a hard dent in the cloth.

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Super Glue
  • Fine-tipped marker

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