Uses of Brylcreem

Brylcreem is an iconic men's hair care brand now owned by Sara Lee. The original Brylcreem product was a pomade that contained beeswax. According to the Superbrands website, the product was originally manufactured in Birmingham, England, and the first pot of Brylcreem was produced in 1928. A range of haircare products are now manufactured under the Brylcreem brand, including the original pomade, hair gel, wax and anti-dandruff styling products. All manner of hairstyles can be maintained using Brylcreem products.

Classic Styling

Brylcreem was traditionally used for adding shine and texture to men's hair. For more basic hairstyles, Brylcreem can be used to add moderate hold to hair, but the pomade is not particularly effective at adding volume or lift.

Firm Hold

The current Brylcreem product line includes styling products that create a long-lasting, firm hold. Short hairstyles can be spiked up using Brylcreem gel or wax. Thicker and more pliable products have enabled Brylcreem users to achieve a range of more daring and eye-catching styles.

Wet-look Styling

Brylcreem Wet, the brand's wet-look gel product creates a firm hold with a texture and shine that gives the illusion of wet hair. Applied liberally either with the fingers or a comb, the wet-look gel is effective for slicked or spiked hair. Other gel products include Brylcreem Extreme and Brylcreem Strong. Both offer firmer hold than Brylcreem Wet but without the glossy wet look.

Adding Definition

Brylcreem's Gel Wax product combines the hold of gel with the texture of wax, and it can be used to add definition to hair. This product offers a lighter hold than the firm hold you may expect from a styling gel.

Anti-dandruff Styling

Brylcreem Original Anti-Dandruff, Brylcreem's anti-dandruff styling pomade is characterised by the blue colouring on the packaging as opposed to the traditional red. This product delivers the glossy finish and styling options of the original pomade but with the added benefit of dandruff protection.

Matt Effect Light-hold Styling

Brylcreem manufactures a matt finish clay styling product called Brylcreem Clay. Ideal for use with medium-length hair, this product can be used to achieve a rugged or messy look that is easy to control.

Hair Cleaning

According to the Superbrands website, Brylcreem introduced a range of shampoo to its hair care product line in 2005. Brylcreem Head Clean was marketed as having the capabilities of stripping the hair of styling products, leaving it ready for styling all over again. They also manufacture an anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner product called Brylcreem Anti-Dandruff Styling Cleanser 2 in 1.

Post-sport Body Cleaning

In 1988, Brylcreem introduced a range of body wash and shower gel products aimed at men in the 16 to 24 age range, states Superbrands. The shower gel is PH-balanced, dermatologically tested, and it contains skin conditioners. The shower gel can also be used for washing hair. Current shower gels in the body care product line are marketed for after-sport use to create a refreshing and invigorating shower experience.

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