How to Make Your Own Club Cards

Updated July 20, 2017

Kids enjoy making clubs with their friends, so foster your children's team spirit and creativity by letting them make club cards out of index cards. Hands-on activities where kids can design and draw their own images is a refreshing change of pace from using the computer for every task. Encourage your children to give their club a creative name and to draw their favourite designs on the front of the club cards. Even though you might want to give your children suggestions about how to create club cards, it is best to allow them to design the final product on their own.

Create a name for your club and write it on a sheet of scratch paper.

Use a ruler to mark the area where you would like to write the club name on the top-centre of the index card and where to write your own name on the bottom-centre of the card.

Carefully write the name of your group at the top of the card and your own name at the bottom of the card. Each club member will write the name of the club at the top of the card and his own name at the bottom of the card.

Discuss as a group what symbol or mascot should represent your club. Allow each person to design her own club card, but also agree on having everyone draw the same symbol or mascot on their cards. Have one person in the group sketch out the mascot/symbol that will represent your club, such as a dancing baseball bat if your club is centred around this sport or a cartoonish paintbrush if everyone in your club likes to paint.

Draw your own rendition of the mascot or symbol on the centre of the index card, but make sure not to cover any of the writing on your card with the illustration.

Use a black marker to trace over the name of the club and your name on the index card.

Colour in your club's mascot or symbol on the index card with markers.

Use a laminating machine to cover your index card with a protective layer of plastic. Purchase a laminating machine at your local crafting or office supply store, which can also be used to make bookmarks and for scrapbooking projects.


Make a club card as a present for a new person you have invited to join your group.


Adults should help children laminate the index cards, as these machines can be dangerous for younger people to use.

Things You'll Need

  • Index cards
  • Markers
  • Pencils
  • Ruler
  • Laminating machine
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