How to Make Your Own Senseo Pods

Updated April 17, 2017

Single-serve Senseo pods are a popular way to enjoy coffee one cup at a time. The coffee pods are inserted into a holder in the coffee machine and one serving is dispensed. The problem is that you are limited to the coffee selection offered by the manufacturer of the pods. In addition, single serve coffee is much more expensive than bulk coffee. You can make your own Senseo pods with a few simple things and enjoy any coffee you like.

Place a single coffee filter over the bottom of the glass (or jar or cup), forming it tightly to the glass.

Insert the glass and filter into the measuring cup.

Push down firmly and spin the glass around to insure that the filter is fitted tightly to the bottom and sides of the measuring cup.

Remove the glass, leaving the filter in the measuring cup.

Fill the filter with one coffee scoop of finely-ground coffee, tapping to level.

Pleat and fold the filter down across the coffee grounds.

Place the glass on top of the folded filter and press down firmly.

Remove the coffee pod from the measuring cup. It is now ready to use in your single serve coffee machine. Be sure to place it into the pod holder folds up.


If you use larger filters, trim away the excess paper before folding.

Things You'll Need

  • Senseo coffee machine
  • Coffee filters for a 4- to 5-cup coffee machine
  • Flat bottomed measuring cup that fits inside the pod holder of the machine (usually 1/3 cup)
  • Cup or glass that fits inside the measuring cup
  • Finely ground coffee
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