How to bustle a wedding gown train

Updated April 17, 2017

Bustling a wedding dress may seem a bit outdated but, in actuality, it is the go-to move for keeping those pearly white dresses in top shape throughout a reception. Don't let the buttons, loops and bows frighten you, however. Learn how to bustle the wedding gown without a problem.

Wash your hands with soap and water. Dry thoroughly. This will prevent any dirt from getting on the wedding gown train or dress itself.

For ballroom-style bustles, lift the loops of the train up, securing it to the carefully positioned buttons at the waist of the dress. Each loop will have a button with the train becoming the same length as the wedding gown.

For a tufted bustle, lift the pickup points of the train, which contain a hook to the anchor point, often halfway between the pickup point and the waist of the dress. Repeat for each tuft until all pickup points have been lifted from the ground. The train now looks like extra tufts on the wedding gown.

For a French bustle, tuck the train up beneath the skirt of the wedding gown, securing it in place with ribbons that allow you to knot them as tightly, or as loosely, as you want. No one will be able to see where the bustle is attached as it will be underneath the skirt, adding dimension to the back view of the wedding gown.

For a pickup bustle, lift the one pickup point to any of the buttons on the back of the dress. This style allows the bustle to be as high or as low as the bride wants. This simple solution still gives a dramatic and elegant affect.


Be extra careful with delicate fabrics like satin or lace since they could snag as you bustle the train.

Things You'll Need

  • Soap
  • Water
  • Clean Towel
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