How to decorate a church for a winter wedding

Updated April 17, 2017

Planning a winter wedding may be the best way to bring together family and friends for the special event. Decorating a church for a winter wedding can be a lot of fun and may be done with ease if you have a plan and follow a few basic steps.

Use lots of white Christmas lights. Choose lights that don't blink, as blinking lights can cause a distraction during the wedding and reception. Not only are white Christmas lights used during the winter season, but they also create an elegant setting. Decorate the ends of the pews with white lights, as well as the entrance, the serving tables, the cake table, the reception name it! White Christmas lights are inexpensive decorations.

Decorate with wreaths and winter flowers. Place wreaths with lights and pine cones woven through them, as well as bows on the front doors of the church. Also decorate the church with potted flowers or flowers in vases. You can use winter flowers such as carnations, lilies, poinsettias, roses, orchids and tulips. Choose winter colours, such as reds and whites, which will help to create a romantic atmosphere.

Take advantage of Christmas decorations already in place, such as a Christmas tree with lights and ornaments. If they are not already in place, provide a Christmas tree yourself for the main entrance or reception area. Include glass ornaments, white lights and a bright star to place on the top. Not only will it be a great decoration but the live tree will also add the beautiful scent of pine.

Decorate the church with pine branches and electric candles. Use pine branches that have been cut away for decorations. Place electric or battery-operated candles in the centre of the branches to add more elegance to the centrepieces.

Place an arch where the ceremony is to take place. Choose a white or natural wood-coloured arch to get married under. Decorate the arch with white lights and Christmas garland, which usually looks like pine tree branches but is made of artificial material.


Use electric or battery-operated candles to prevent potential fire hazards.


Do not allow little children to play with the poinsettias. Ingesting the flowers can make them sick.

Things You'll Need

  • White Christmas lights
  • Wreath with ribbon
  • Christmas bows
  • Winter flowers, including lilies, poinsettias, roses, orchids and tulips
  • Christmas decorations, including Christmas trees, ornaments and nutcrackers
  • Arch decorated with lights and garland
  • Pine tree pieces
  • Electric or battery-operated candles
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