How to Make Golf Club Head Covers

Updated April 17, 2017

Golf club head covers are fabric sleeves that cover the heads of golf woods and hybrid clubs. They protect your clubs from the elements and from scratching against each other, as well as providing flair and style. You can buy golf head covers or, if you have basic sewing and darning skills, you easily can make your own using any thick, tightly woven material.

Obtain a base fabric. Use any thick material with a tight weave that will provide a shield against the elements. The sleeve of a wool sweater or a long sock can both make for a good fabric base.

Form the fabric to the shape of the club to be covered. Determine the length you want and the snugness of the open neck of the head cover.

Stitch the cover into shape. If you are using a sweater sleeve, you will need to stitch the top end closed. This can be done with a simple weave, leaving extra fabric to swing as a tassel.

Tighten the open end around the neck of the club, but leave enough room to fit the club head in and out. Use your needle and thread or yarn to darn several overlapping layers into the neck of the head cover that close the opening, while still leaving flexibility for the club head to fit through.

Make final adjustments and add decals. Test to make sure that the club fits securely into the head cover, and then sew on your decals to indicate the number of the club or any other decoration you choose.

Things You'll Need

  • Base fabric
  • Needle and thread or knitting material
  • Decals
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